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Deborah White

 Math Contest

Folder: Fall 2016 Math Contest SolutionsFall 2016 Math Contest SolutionsDeborah White
Folder: Fall 2016 Math ContestsFall 2016 Math ContestsDeborah White

 MTH 51 Algebra and Logic for Statistics

51 Text f'16.docx51 Text f'16Deborah White
51 Text f'16 PDF.pdf51 Text f'16 PDFDeborah White
Playlist.docxPlaylistDeborah White
calendar f-16 0218.docxcalendar f-16 0218Deborah White
Syllabus 0218 f'16.docxSyllabus 0218 f'16Deborah White

 MTH 220 Statistics

Folder: SyllabusesSyllabusesDeborah White 
Folder: CalendarsCalendarsDeborah White 
220 text f16 PDF.pdf220 text f16 PDFDeborah White 
Text f'16.docxText f'16Deborah White 

 Math Jokes

math cartoons.docxmath cartoonsDeborah White
math jokes.docxmath jokesDeborah White
more math jokes.docxmore math jokesDeborah White

 Fractal Power!


Contact Information  
by Deborah White
 6/18/2016 11:53 AM
Fall 2016 Office Hours 
by Deborah White
 6/18/2016 11:52 AM